You know marketing can make or break your business. But you’ve reached a place in your business where you’re ready to hand it off to some marketing genius so you can work in your zone even more (because, let’s face it, your CEO time and skills are best spent elsewhere).


Not to mention, you're beginning to feel the tension between growing your business and the freedom you want to 

... Travel

... Grow Personally

... Take time Off

... {Insert Your Dream Here}


We work with passionate and talented entrepreneurs building their dream businesses who just want to live in their zone of genius without having to hassle with marketing.

That’s where we come in.


We take the marketing off your hands so you get consistent leads without having to do the strategy, creation, or execution of it while still reaping the benefits of consistent leads {and, therefore, consistent cashflow}.


That’s right. We take the hassle out of your marketing by, well, doing it for you.

And you get more visibility …

which leads to more leads …

which creates more sales …

while also getting more time.


The truth is that often we hold on to #allthethings {our businesses are like our children -- I totally get it}, and I’m personally on a mission to help people LET GO of what becomes one of the biggest time sucks in their business -- marketing -- and instead create more space to do what they love {and nothing more}.


I want you to have that too. To have MORE impact with LESS hustle by supporting you and your business as your Virtual CMO. Here’s what I know can do for you …


  • Give you back 8-10 hours per week {and more during your launches} by planning, creating, and distributing your content for you … my clients regularly say it’s like they’re finally able to take a deep breath, and they love their work so much more {and can actually create the space they need to do more of it and make more income in the process}

  • Ensure your marketing is aligned with your sales goals and manage the many parts, processes, and people involved … I spent three years leading the marketing strategy and managing a team of creatives for a $15 million/year nonprofit, and every year we met our audacious fundraising goals through our events, mailings, and campaigns

  • Create strategic and spacious launch and promotion plans and content to result in high conversions and increased lifetime value of your customers and leads … Last fall alone, I assisted in 7 launches -- creating strategies and content for small business owners that helped them convert from 5-11% of their audience into paying clients at every level of their offer funnel.

  • Effectively represent your vision and your voice so that you rest confidently knowing your brand will maintain and grow in its respect in the marketplace while ensuring you’re moving closer to your goals {without sacrificing all your time to get there} … I’ve worked with organizations and businesses with physical products, digital products and downloads, live events, and services; and I have been able to accurately capture the voice of each one to help their message go further.

  • Take ownership of your marketing strategy and its results and do so within the constraints of your business … I know a small business has limited resources, which is where my creativity shines the best. We’ll ensure your budget and marketing are on target and help identify places to lean in and places to let go. And you can rest easy knowing you’re in experienced hands.


Sound dreamy? Then discover the options to work together below. 


Availability for each level is limited. 



Perfect for you if: You’re not a big fan of having to endlessly create, and you’re ready to hand off all the big marketing creation tasks so you can focus more on your zone of genius.


Details: This retainer package comes with quarterly marketing strategy to align your content with your goals. You then create your core piece of content {like a blog post, podcast, or video}, give it to us to set up, turn into social media content, and schedule all of it out to all your channels. You'll also receive an email you can use to share about your content.  We even provide monthly reporting so you  know what's working and what's not in your marketing. 


Investment: $1,500/month


Perfect for you if: You’re ready to hand off all the copywriting and marketing strategy tasks that you don’t like and streamline your team and spending so you get the most bang for your buck.


Details: This is comprehensive marketing support. We provide both high level strategy and deep implementation support so you get real time back and real ROI. Specifically that looks like …

  • Quarterly strategy meetings to collaborate on our marketing plans to align with our sales goals
    Monthly content planning, creation, and distribution to keep our online presence consistent and working for us 24/7 {can include outlines for live shows or podcasts as well}

  • Weekly check-ins or other meetings that you and your team regularly have

  • One large promotion or launch strategy and all the content to support it to have a cohesive and high converting plan in place

  • Optimizing and tracking of all marketing efforts across the board to know what is working well and what isn’t working well

  • Light PR work such as finding, pitching, outlining, or writing for opportunities for you to expand your reach

  • Management of the people and processes involved so you don’t have to worry about if it’ll get done

  • Ongoing Slack support to have ease of communication to know that all your questions are answered and everything is going smoothly


Here’s what this really means … I take over your marketing team for you, make sure every single thing is aligned with the brand + vision, and you spend more time doing what you do best, serving the clients that will be rolling in.


Investment: $3,500/month