Episodes 26-29 with Marshawn Evans Daniels

Marshawn Evans Daniels is a reinvention strategist and life coach mentoring women around the world to live bolder in the areas of faith and business. As a serial entrepreneur, TV personality, creator of the Godfidence® movement and founder of SHE Profits®, she helps women turn ideas into income and faith into action.

Where to Find Marshawn

 Mike Kelly is the co-founder of the SaaS company, MemberVault, and his road to entrepreneurship wasn't a straight line -- or a bump free path -- but the success he's found made it worth it.  Check out this episode to learn how he went from grumpy web developer to business owner, what it's like to start a business with your spouse, how to handle the ups and downs of the entrepreneur life,  his guiding mantra as a software developer, how to evolve your funnels with your audience + the times, and why to never stop evolving yourself.

CEO Stories 026: Believing Bigger

The key to getting what you want and pursuing your calling? Marshawn shares that it’s simply a matter of “Ready, FIRE, Aim” and you’ll move further faster.

  • How she saw entrepreneurship show up in her childhood
  • What she believes is her competitive edge
  • How to "act as if" to make your calling happen
  • The real way to get things done toward your dreams
  • How she unintentionally started her current business
 Ever had an utter tech meltdown? You’re not alone. When it happened to Reina Pomeroy, she took a beat and kept moving forward by being a leader first. See what we mean and learn how to do the same on this episode of the CEO Stories Podcast.

CEO Stories 027: How to Fail Upwards

Failure is rarely the end. Instead for Marshawn it opened up a new door that led to her next purposeful pursuit.

  • How to work through personal trials alongside your business
  • Why mind-care is just as important as self-care
  • The #1 threat to your success
  • How to love what you do more


 Being a creative can sometimes feel like the opposite of being a structured CEO -- but if we want successful businesses, we’ve got to find the balance. Fortunately, Reina Pomeroy is sharing her best tips for doing just that today on the podcast.

CEO Stories 028: How to Prepare to Delegate

With growth comes obstacles, so you must be prepared to take it on. Having the right team in place is key.

  • Why being fired was actually the best thing that ever happened to Marshawn
  • The one thing that will make you delegate
  • How to be ready when that happens
  • How to keep yourself from confusing your business with your identity
  • Top ways to stay focused on your big vision
 Feeling scattered in your business? You can stop today. Reina Pomeroy shared her vertical method for finding servant-hearted offers and streamlined content to build a profitable business on today’s episode of CEO Stories.

CEO Stories 029: Inspiration Marketing with Marshawn Daniels

You have the power to speak life into yourself and others, and when you use your voice, your business can grow exponentially.

  • How to create your legacy
  • The one part of speaking that you really need to master
  • The secret to marketing that inspires action
  • How to know which voice to listen to