Avoid the Feast or Famine Cycle by Balancing Your Marketing and Client Work

 Feeling overwhelmed with work so that you’re actually a little scared to get clients? Or want more clients but feeling a little strapped for time trying to market and do the stuff you like? I’ve got some tips to help you balance it all!
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Feeling overwhelmed with work so that you’re actually a little scared to get clients? Or want more clients but feeling a little strapped for time trying to market and do the stuff you like? I’ve got some tips to help you balance it all!


80% Rule


I hate to break it to you … but in the beginning 80% of your time needs to be on marketing. Because quite simply -- if no one knows who you are, they don’t buy from you. So you have to work on visibility and sales activities.

These can be posting, networking, emailing, calls, and everything else that leads to clients in the door and money banked. So give yourself permission to put a lot of effort here and get a little uncomfortable.


Calendar Management


Now, if you really wanna get to balancing well and avoiding feast or famine, you need to set aside dedicated time. You need 1-2 hours minimum every week devoted to marketing in general. But when you’re looking for clients, my favorite way to know how much time to spend is to use my calendar.

Go into your calendar and mark out times you would LOVE to be working with clients. Now spend all those hours marketing. As your plate fills, you can market less and get to your baseline. As your plate empties, you know where to devote energy. It can be that simple.


Create a Data-Backed Strategy


If you’ve filled your roster, then it’s time to do some streamlining because you simply won’t have time to market as much as you had before -- especially if you’re using the tip above. So it’s time to get into what IS working and what ISN’T.

Once you know, you can cut out what isn’t and double down on what is so you know where to spend your time and keep your stress low and get off that hustle hamster wheel for good.


Make Systems to Nurture


Systems. Are. Everything. I once had 2 businesses … and a full-time job, and I did it all by myself. The key: systems and structure. I knew when I was writing, what I was writing, and what I needed to do to get it out of the door.

Then as I moved into service-based work, I automated whatever I could and I put email systems in place to nurture people when I didn’t have time to do it one-on-one anymore. Find your bright spots (just look at your data) and put systems around what’s working to make it even smoother.

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Get More Clients & Referrals with Just One Sentence

 Is your calendar filling up with ideal clients? Would you like it to? Your one-liner has the power to get more clients through the door because a clear message containing what you do and who you serve can stimulate interest. Need help crafting your one-liner? Click through to learn the perfect foundation for a one-liner that converts.
Attract Dream Clients with My Content Funnel

Your One-Liner


This puts a quick “bow” on what you do in every context so you can introduce yourself and invite more questions or move on quickly {if it’s a non-business setting}. You want it to be clear and intriguing.


The 3-4 Parts You Need


Your ideal client: have 2-3 words that describe your ideal client in a specific enough way that someone could easily picture someone they know in that category

Problem/Pain: Make sure you hit on their big pain point, struggle, or problem. Where are they really stuck right now?

Benefit/Result: What’s it like AFTER they work with you? What’s the result on the other side that they’re really looking for?

Modality: How do you do that for them? Coaching, marketing, consulting, courses, etc. -- this one may not come up as much or be necessary in every context, but it’s good to know the how where it counts.


Know Your Audience


You want to have several versions ready to play around with so you know what to say/how in many environments. Start by having one for potential clients, peers who could be referral partners, and those who don’t know or really care {the coworkers at your spouse’s Christmas party kind of thing}.  


Test It Live


You don’t know what will resonate with your people until you really try it. So it out loud at home a few times then road test several versions to find the sweet spot for each audience.


Have a Goal


Before you spring your one-liner on a group of people, know what the goal for that interaction is. That starts with knowing the audience, but also consider what the social norm is. For example, if I’m introducing myself quickly at a table at Bible study, then I’m gonna leave out a lot of info because they don’t know much about what I do OR it’s not conducive to questions after I introduce myself.

Strive for Clear over Clever


If you have to choose between the two, always be clear. Make sure people can relate and latch onto something you say that is familiar enough for them to make a connection -- otherwise they may not have questions because they feel confused. Likewise, infuse your personality but use words that your clients or those in front of you would use so you connect.


That’s really the point of the one-liner. It’s not about clever wordplay. It’s about clear communication.


Have your one-liner? Practice below in the comments!

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How to Rise Above the Noise with Innovative Content

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Look Inside the Industry for Baseline


Before you can find an innovative idea, you need to know the norm. What do your competitors do? What gets attention? What works? What doesn’t? You need to know what the baseline for content is if you want to move elsewhere.


Look Outside the Industry for Inspiration


The best ideas won’t actually come from looking at what everyone in your industry does. It’ll come from looking outside of it. Find other ideas you love {blogs, podcasts, video shows} and ask yourself: Why do I like this so much? What is so compelling about this? When you do, you’ll start to get ideas to apply it to yourself.


Play to Your Strengths


An innovative idea lives and dies by the execution. So if you aren’t the right person to implement it because your strengths are elsewhere, that’s okay. Instead make a list of your strengths too. Then you can see the overlap in ideas and find something special and that works for you.


Check in with Your Audience


If you want the content to benefit your business, you need to know where your people are and what they want from you. If you do that, then you’ll find the true sweet spot with all of that info above to not only have a great idea but reach people with it.


Make It Worth the Effort


I love ideas, but I love when they actually work for my business even more. Make sure you have a plan for those ideas to lead back to your list or sales so you don’t come to resent it after a while. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this tip.


Following these steps, I found an idea for a podcast that I’m launching so very soon! So stay tuned!


What’s kind of idea do you want to create this year?

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How to Use a Podcast to Nurture Your Tribe

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Position Yourself as an Expert


If you’re using your podcast as a business building tool, you need to make sure there is some way to showcase your own expertise there. Honestly, this is one mistake I almost made with my new podcast CEO Stories. But I decided on a format for extra episodes that feature my content. So whether it’s teaching, coaching, or connecting make sure there is purpose.


Share Other Ways to Connect


A podcast is notoriously hard to get people from the app to other places. So it might be good just to start with reminding them of your social media handles to get them to connect with you on a more personal level outside of your show.


Invite Them to Your List


You know I’m a fan of email lists, so be sure to invite them regularly to hang out with you there. You can create a content upgrade for each podcast or just remind them of the ones you have. Just make sure that you’re driving them to connect with you personally and more deeply.


Share Your Offers Where Appropriate


Have a launch coming up? Make sure that your content fits your plan for that or for all your promotions. Use this just like your blog to share wisdom and prime people for your offers, and when the time comes share the offer too.


Sponsor with Your Products/Business


This is one way I’m considering working my business into my podcast more … by making my company a sponsor of the podcast. It’s true. I pay for it, and it’s an easy way to get people to know a little more about my company as they hear content as well. I’ve heard others do this with the products they were about to launch, and it’s a simple and almost seamless way to share.

Create Higher Conversions with my 3 Favorite Email Nurturing Strategies

My Lead Generation Plan for 2018

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Live Video


It’s no secret that all the social channels are pushing live videos out to users, and they’re much more likely to be seen. Plus, they’re fun, faster, and a great way to connect. So I’m doubling down on live video as my main content creation style this year.




I know my email strategies work, so I’m looking to have my content go as far as possible. So this year, I’m using Pinterest to get attention on my blog posts and my podcast so I can grow my traffic (and my email list).




When I looked at 2017, I noticed that most of my launch clients came from podcast interviews. So I’m focused on doing more of those to get my name out in front of more potential clients in a way that builds authority fast and doesn’t take a lot of my time.


My Community


One thing I’m good at is taking a small community and going deep in relationship. So what better people to have as advocates for my brand? I’m thinking through creative ways to empower my community to invite others they know who will like what I do too.


With all of my backend in place, I know I’ll be set to convert, and these strategies will help me build my list and following so I can reach my big income goals in 2018.

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