Tired of sales talk and marketing that take all the heart out of the picture?

At Cobblestone, we believe the best businesses lead with heart and service ... and that the greatest tool for conversion is compassion.

All of our strategies and content are built on the core beliefs that ...

Humans matter.

They need your help.

And if we treat them as humans, they'll get the help they need.

So we create hand-crafted marketing systems that reach the right people at the right time with the right message to create an economy of humans that thrive.

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Our signature method ensures that you talk to every lead on your email list like the only person in the room, which allows you to ...

increase your influence

scale your impact

automate your income

... without losing your soul or your space to do what you love.

Addi Ganley, AddiGanley.com

hand-crafted marketing that converts

Our company is passionate about ensuring that every message is shaped by your unique voice and business as well as your one-of-a-kind audience. Every plan, message, and system we create is hand-crafted for you alone.


Ongoing Marketing Support

Attracting, nurturing, and converting your tribe through strategic and personalized marketing takes time, and you don't have to do it alone {or at all}. Let us help you plan, create, and manage your content marketing and lead nurturing for ongoing success.


Launch Strategy + Support

Scaling with group programs, online courses, and other digital products can be intimidating. We can help you plan a stress free launch that primes your audience through value, builds excitement, and converts using your strengths and heartfelt sales copy.


Sales Funnel Strategy + Support

Successful products and programs create the perfect opportunity to automate the sales process for more freedom. Our hand-crafted style ensures your funnel is powerful and personalized for higher conversions and better relationships with your leads.

3 Strategies for a Higher Converting Email List

Increase conversions {and cashflow} using the email list you already have and without spending a dime